Day 22. Northern Uzbeks in Uzbekistan (OOZ-bek)



Language :

Uzbek, Northern



Jesus followers:
Workers Needed:
579 (1 worker/50000)

The Uzbek people are a combination of Turkic and Persian peoples, with the Northern Uzbek language being more Turkish.

During the Soviet period the educational system achieved 99% literacy for both men and women. The Northern Uzbek language has a complicated history, and is currently written in three different alphabets (Cyrillic, Roman and Persian). The full Northern Uzbek Bible (2013) is available in the Cyrillic script and in an audio form.

The Uzbek cities of Bukhara and Samarkand have an amazing history as centers of arts and science, and beautiful buildings. Families are usually large with several generations living under the same roof, with the eldest male member having the final say in most matters. Nuclear families are more common in urban areas.

Most Uzbeks are Sunni Muslims, though folk beliefs are mingled with their Islamic practices. Many of the younger generation are atheists or non-religious due to years under communism. Recently, Islamic fundamentalists have begun calling for stricter adherence to Islamic law.

Pray for the Northern Uzbek families:

Lord, send long term laborers to live among the Uzbeks and to show them Your great love for them. Help them to recognize the truth of who You are and build a foundation on Jesus. Bless families of peace so that they open their homes and seek Your way and righteousness.

Lord, help the leaders of the Uzbek to govern wisely and to give freedom of religion to the people. Help them not to be afraid of influences coming into their country, but have discernment. Replace suspicion and fear with trust in You, Jesus, applying Your love for their neighbors. Grant Your peace to Uzbekistan and fulfill the needs of their families.

Lord, open the hearts of many Uzbek families to the Scriptures and Jesus, so that the Good News spreads throughout the land. Send Your Holy Spirit to help them read and understand Your Word and to find healing in Jesus. Raise up strong disciple-making households, unify Uzbek believers, and start Jesus movements within and through their families. 

Proclaim God’s blessing in and through Uzbek families who love Him: All the families on earth will be blessed through you. (Gen. 12:3)

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Total: 262
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