Pray for Prayer Movements: Unleashing the Spirit

From Pentecost and the Apostle Paul, right down through the centuries to the present day, the story of Jesus’ movements has been the story of answered prayer. Every fresh outbreak of pioneering ministry has been the result of believing prayer. Every new cross-cultural effort that has been fruitful and blessed of God has been the germination of seeds planted by the divine Spirit in the hearts of praying saints.—Robert Glover

In Ps 2:8, the Lord invites us: “Ask of me and I will make the peoples your inheritance and the ends of the earth your possession.” All we can take with us into eternity as our inheritance are other people, people who become part of God’s eternal family. Our joy and crown, just as for the great Apostle Paul, will be those who come to Christ through our efforts.

Throughout history, the fruitfulness of God’s people in discipling and blessing nations has been tied directly to informed prayer. Until God intervenes, nearly every individual among these FPGs will live and die without ever knowing a believer or being prayed for by name. See the Frontier Peoples as Jesus sees them—look at their faces, look into their eyes and join in Jesus’ love for them. Jesus loved each of them enough to die for them. So implore Him to mobilize His children to bless those who are hurting or have never heard of His saving grace.

Pray that the Holy Spirit would pour out on the global disciples and frontier peoples, drawing many to Jesus. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide your prayers, and ask Father God to give you the desperate urgency in prayer for these precious people that you would have if your own mother or father, son or daughter were in peril.


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