Pray for Mobilization Movements: Unleashing the Laborers

he highest priority in cross-cultural ministry today is global mobilization. Many of God’s people are asleep to the needs of FPGs and must be awakened to God’s desire to bless these 2 billion people who have not yet had the opportunity to follow Jesus. Jesus brings peace and healing into the problems and suffering in the world and conquers death. From Genesis to Revelation, God’s unchanging purpose is to bless all the peoples through Jesus (John 16:33), and it is our privilege to work with Him to reach all the nations. 

Pray for the Holy Spirit to awaken every believer to recognize that the time is short, and to fully seek first God’s Kingdom and his righteousness (Rom 13:11-14; Luke 19:13; Psalm 90:12).
Pray that every follower of Jesus to BE a disciple who fully obeys Jesus in loving God, loving others and making disciples that make disciples (Acts 1:8; Matt 22:37; Prov 11:30; Matt 28:18-20).
Pray that believers see the hearts of those the Holy Spirit has prepared to hear and that they share in a way that can be understood and responded to (John 4:36; John 6:44; 2 Tim 4:2).
Pray for many workers to be sent out to every place that Jesus is sending His Spirit, to find households of peace that will become the seeds of believing communities in their towns or cities. (Luke 10)
Pray for every FPG—every last tongue, tribe and nation—to be adopted for prayer and outreach. Then pray for Jesus’ movements to spread in those FPGs, until there is no place left without gospel witness (Matt 9:37-38; 2 Cor 10:16; 2 Peter 3:9; Rev 7:9).
Pray for Christ’s Body to recognize our calling—to pursue his Kingdom coming and his will being done, and to work together in the unity of the Spirit, with the bond of peace, for his glory among ALL the nations (Matt 6:10; Eph 4:3; Matt 12:22-26).
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