Keys to Opening the Hearts of Frontier People Groups

We cannot keep doing the same thing and expect a different outcome. We need to discover why these very large people groups are either not receiving the Good News they are hearing or not having any witnesses at all. Pray for the potential keys below, and others to be discovered, that will enable them to understand that Jesus is their savior and healer too.


BLESSING FAMILIES: God’s covenant with Abraham is fulfilled when we bring His blessing to all earth’s family-lines, and encouraging new Jesus—followers to bless their households, communities and entire people groups (Gen 12:1–3, Gal 3:8, Heb 6:17).

Father, from the beginning Your heart’s desire has been for all the families on earth to be blessed. Move our hearts with Your passion for blessing families in practical ways in these FPGs, that they may know You!

JESUS MOVEMENTS: Households realize that Jesus is speaking to them and guiding them when they discuss the Scriptures together. This leads them to encourage and disciple others to also study the Bible to receive and pass on the blessing within their communities.

Lord, pour out your Holy Spirit so that every Frontier People Group has its own Jesus movement. Raise up prayer teams to advocate for each of the largest Frontier People Groups until the blessing of life in Jesus is spreading rapidly from family to family (Ps 2:8, James 4:2b). 

TRANSFORMING COMMUNITIES: Households of faith are increasingly able to discern and address the influences destroying their families and communities, when they grow in personal holiness, servanthood and godly wisdom.

Lord, raise up committed godly believers within FPGs, like Daniel and Joseph, to positions of influence, transforming their communities and destroying the works of the evil one.

SHARED HUMANITY: People of all faiths are attracted to follow Jesus on the basis of our shared challenges and desires when they find that God is seeking all who will worship Him in Spirit and Truth (Jn 4).

Lord, help us to see all the FPGs as our brothers and sisters, so that  Your love and Your Word bring peace and love between peoples. Turn us away from a “war of religions” like the Samaritan woman to finding those You are calling to worship You in Spirit and Truth. 

PIONEERING WORKERS: People can go “partner” with believers in the UPGs when they have some churches or believers. However, that is not possible in the FPGs. Pioneering is required to establish the very first believing “households of peace” which can then show others what it means to follow Jesus (Luke 10). 

Father, please send forth pioneering laborers to Frontier People Groups who have no believers to partner with. Send out Your laborers to sow Your Word among these largest Frontier People Groups (Mt 9:37-28, Lk 10:2). Lead them to worthy households of peace that You have prepared in advance (Mt 10, Lk 10), that will reproduce 30-, 60- or even 100-fold (Mt 13, Mk 4, Lk 8), like the good soil. 


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