Thirty-One Significant People Groups!

Thirty-One Significant People Groups!

Thank you for joining in prayer for the nearly one billion people living in these thirty-one Frontier People Groups (FPGs), each over 10 million in size, with virtually no progress of the gospel among them.      

Frontier People Groups are those with no sign of understanding that the message of Jesus is for them. Often it is because no one has come to tell them yet, or they have been warned against Jesus with false information. They have no known indigenous movements to Jesus and 0.1% or fewer Christians of any kind live among them (see page 52 for a full definition).

Great Progress in just 50 years!

In recent years the good news of Jesus has been spreading very quickly around the world!  Less than 50 years ago, half of the people of the world lived in people groups with no known Jesus movements. Now only one-fourth of the world’s people live in Frontier People Groups. 

Jesus has been growing communities of believing households in many formerly unreached people groups. And “people of peace” (Matthew 10:11; Luke 10:6) have welcomed Jesus followers into their families to tell them about Jesus. The families listen, then spread the news quickly to relatives and friends. Jesus says in Matthew 24:14 that His message will be told to all the peoples of the earth before the end comes.

What still needs to be done?

In spite of this progress, some people groups are still getting left out of this blessing and missing their inheritance in God’s kingdom. We need to pray for these Frontier People Groups, especially the 31 largest groups, because their faith will impact hundreds of smaller groups. Most of these Frontier People Groups live in difficult situations that keep them from knowing Jesus. So, we’ve included insights to help you pray for God to heal their families and bring new life to their communities. As you pray for them, may the Lord fill you with His love for them, showing you their great value in His eyes.

Thank you for joining us in prayer for nearly one billion people to receive the blessing God promised to all the families of the earth through Abraham (Genesis 12:3).

How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? (Romans 10:14)

God’s Heart For All Peoples!

Almost 1 billion people—nearly the population of all Frontier People Groups— live in the 31 groups you are about to pray for.  These people groups have been ordered from greater need to lesser need, taking into account the group’s population, the need for workers, their isolation and persecution.

God’s heart for all peoples.

God’s desire is to bless all the families of the earth. He promised this to Abraham 4,000 years ago, and has shown by His prophets that people from every tribe, language and people group will be before His throne in the last days. We hope this prayer guide will raise up prayers around the world and send many new witnesses to the 1/4th of the world’s people (2 billion people) that still live in Frontier People Groups with no sign that the good news of Jesus is spreading among them. What an amazing opportunity we have to bring God’s blessing to 25% of the world in our day!

Why is praying for these 31 groups especially important?

Almost half of these 2 billion people live within just these 31 largest Frontier People groups, (over 10 million in size). We believe that movements to Jesus in these 31 largest groups will spread the good news of Jesus to the smaller FPGs living near them. Many of these 31 FPGs live in tough political or economic situations, with limited opportunities for their families. Following Jesus brings access to God’s power and to God’s way through His Word, often also improving family relationships, literacy rates and living levels while decreasing addiction, violence and poverty.

Why are the Frontier People Groups neglected?

The vast majority of prayer, giving and laborers focuses on strengthening Christians where Christians are already present. Only a small fraction (about 1%) goes to the FPGs—the quarter of the world where faith in Jesus is still unknown or considered foreign. Many Frontier Peoples live in difficult places geographically, politically or culturally. As a result, they have often not heard about Jesus or Jesus has been misrepresented to them as just a god of a foreign religion. 

Why are Jesus movements necessary?

In most Frontier People Groups, the real message of Jesus is not being heard or understood. They confuse Jesus with Christianity, which is seen as a powerful Westernizing political/religious force, seeking to undermine their identity as a people. But Jesus said God is looking for all people who will worship Him “in spirit and truth” (John 4). Movements are needed in the FPGs to bring Jesus’ love and power to strengthen families and communities, without tearing them apart. Rapidly spreading Jesus movements will bless whole households, like in the book of Acts.

God’s desire is to bless all the earth’s people groups. Persecution or problems may continue but the Spirit of God will bring hope and help to families through this new life, God’s glory and love will be revealed as these 31 FPGs, who currently have little awareness of Him, come into relationship with Him through Jesus.

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