Pray for the Unleashing of Resources

In the parable of the Lost Sheep the shepherd leaves the 99 sheep to seek out the one that is lost. He uses all his resources to find the lost one. But the global church does the opposite! The vast majority of Christian resources are used to tend the flock and little is used to seek the lost. Over 95% of all missionaries work among already reached peoples. Only one cent out of every dollar of Christian resources goes to reaching unreached peoples

Pray for these least reached peoples, especially the FPGs, to come to the attention of believers worldwide. Lift them up in prayer before the throne of God.
Ask God to stir the hearts of laborers and empower them to go where needed most.
Pray for believers to give generously towards making the gospel available to all. Pray for Holy Spirit to convict the global church to recognize and act to remedy this injustice of laborers and resources, hastening God’s blessing to all nations.

Pray for the needs of Frontier People Groups with virtually no followers of Jesus living among them as their needs are even greater than the Unreached People Groups.

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